Nippon Jujitsu

• (Nippon = traditional, Jujitsu = fine art), we follow the motto: Jujitsu is a soft, flexible, moving technique with a response to the opponent's reaction, using minimum of strength and maximum effect.

  •  Jujitsu uses the basic laws of physics and physiology as well as the functionality of the human body and its structure. It is very important to know and know how to treat the human body and how to treat it in case of damage.
    • Japan's Martial Arts, based on the Budo (Japan War), was part of every Samurai who mastered this art for both war and life.
    • Jujitsu is not only a martial art, but also a way of thinking and behaving towards society and the family. Each samurai honored 7 basic rules of virtue that he immediately followed.
     義 - Gi - Calm mind
     勇 - Yu - Courage
     仁 - Gin - Indulgence, Kindness
     礼 - Rei - Respect
     誠 - Makoto - Sincerity
     名誉 - Meijo - Honor and Glory
     忠義 - Cúgi - Devotion

    • Jujitsu, as we understand it, is the way to learn to know yourself and your character. Secondarily, it's the way to train your body to defend against enemies. Jujitsu is not a tournament or a fight as we know it, but it's a way to prevent the fight. "A man who is capable of harming a second person will never achieve the highest degree of Jujitsu, but a person who can defend himself and accept the enemy as a friend." (Dr. Heribert Czerwenka, 10 dan Nippon Jujistu)



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