HORNÍ LOMNÁ                        


  • The roots of the organization date back to 1998 when a few martial arts martial artists led by Sensei (martial arts master) Edward Cokot (4 Dan Nippon Jujitsu) began to dedicate this organization.
  • In 2009, in cooperation with the Nippon Jujitsu Poznań Association (PJJA), we were established as the official civic association NIPPON JUJITSU / JŪJUTSU / CZECH REPUBLIC ASSOCIATION,
  • EJJU - European Jujitsu Union, is one of the most important organizations across Europe. Nowadays, under the organization, 20 members of different states across Europe, learning the traditional Japanese martial arts Bushido (warrior paths). This organization also includes us and other organizations with whom we work in close contact.

    EJJU - https://www.ejju.eu/

  • Now our independent organization is in perfect development. The members of the organization are actively engaged in self-improvement through training, as well as representation in the Czech Republic and abroad where we participate in European workshops.
  • We created the so-called Shin Dojo (Secondary School) based in DOLNÍ LOMNÉ, where our training group is now running.


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